Friday, August 17, 2018


Hello Friends:

10 days with no activity in this blog. I will cross the Ecuador line to the summer of the north hemisphere,  to visit a city with old lighthouses.  If I can I will updload some photos.  See you again at the end of august.



Hello again.  When you read this, I will be flying back to Argentina. This past week,  I was in Mexico collecting material for my tourism blog.  More precisely in the city of Veracruz.  Some photos...

Navigation to Sacrifice Island

Old building of Benito Juarez Lighthouse

The spectacular Fortress of San Juan de Ulúa and the old tower of the first
lighthouse of the Gulf of Mexico

And the most famous in Mexico. Venustiano Carranza. Sight
from my hotel room. A really privilege location.
 Emporio Hotel Veracruz.

And equally important.  The food. The Mexican Food,  my favourite of the world. 

Next sunday or monday, I will update all the news of this past week.  Several alerts of releases with no image yet,  but very very important.

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